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Silver farm on Primo Victoria

Silver farm on Primo Victoria

Do you constantly run out of loans? Do you not have enough silver for the purchase of updated equipment and shells? It can be earned through a tank battle, which can be influenced by many factors. For example, capturing bases, damage and, of course, equipment, which should be of a premium level.
On WOT Assist, you can order a silver farm from top and professional World of Tanks players. They know a lot about capturing bases and premium tanks. Premium tanks are present at almost all levels, but the most profitable are the tanks of the eighth level. Our players will help you to earn millions of silver so that you do not deny yourself anything!


About 240 Centurion Mk tanks. III and Mk. V was purchased by the Swedish military for the needs of the army, where the vehicles were named Strv 81. The tanks were in service until the early 2000s, being repeatedly upgraded throughout their service life. In August 2017, one of the samples was handed over to the Swedish Sabaton group, where it underwent a major upgrade, gaining all the characteristic features of a real headbanger tank, and the British steel was reforged into a real Swedish metal.





Level Tower Armor
(gr / sec)
VIII Primo Victoria 254/88.9/88.9 36 400 10400 30000
Compatible tools:

Level The tool Penetration
Rapid-fire mode.
(vystr / min)
(m/100 m)
BK Weight
IX 8,4 cm kan strv 81 226/258/42 230/230/280 8 0.33 2.3 65 1242 180000



Level Engine Power
Probability of fire
V Meteor Mark IVB 900 20 744 16500


Running gear

Level Running gear Max. load
Turning speed
(gr / sec)
Rmin Weight
VIII Primo Victoria 53 36 0 10000 33000


Radio stations

Level Radio Station Communication range
IX Ra 400 710 45 43200

Primo Victoria in the game

Research and leveling up

This machine is a promotional premium technique and does not require pumping additional modules, it has an “Elite” status, brings more credits and experience for each battle, and also has a number of other advantages.

Combat effectiveness

Tank style of play resembles the British ST 8 level Centurion Mk. I and FV4202. The tower is capable of repelling not only tanks below the level, but also most of the main shells of nines and tens. Mobility is restrained, not very large, but sufficient for ST. The body is very soft, the forehead is pierced even by level 5 PT, but comfortable UVN will allow you to close weak points, repel the hail of enemy shells, while shining your team perfectly. The weapon does not have very much one-time damage, but it has good accuracy, mixing, and DPM. And the penetration, as for level 8, is generally excellent. We can even punch some tough tens in the forehead. The tank perfectly reveals its advantages on the terrain, behind embankments, shooting at CD and implementing penetration and DPM.

  • great overview;
  • high accuracy and armor penetration of the gun;
  • good cross-country ability;
  • excellent vertical aiming angles;
  • shielded armor on the sides;
  • good tower forehead armor.
  • extra large sizes for st;
  • weak and large NLD;
  • frequent damage to the warhead;
  • insufficient booking of the body’s forehead.


The crew upgrade scheme is generally similar to the Centurion Mk. I tank upgrade scheme, with the only difference being that the Primo Victoria crew consists of 5 people, not 4, and the combat brotherhood skill is immediately upgraded as zero due to the uniqueness of the crew.

In view of the fact that the tank is quite large and easy to hit, it is recommended that all crew members first study the repair, and the commander — a sixth sense.

The tank’s overview is initially good, but it can be made even better by pumping the second skill to the commander eagle eye, and the radio operator-radio intercept. The tank body is not sufficiently armored, so it is necessary to fire mainly at long and medium distances. To do this, it will help to pump the smooth rotation of the tower for the gunner. Mechvoda can be upgraded off-roadto increase maneuverability and dynamics, and loader – the skill contactless combat laying.

As mentioned above, the tank has large dimensions, and therefore high visibility. Therefore, the third skill for the entire crew should be to learn disguise. This will also help you stay unnoticed when shooting from long distances.

A possible option for pumping the following perks: commander-repair, gunner-sniper, mechwarrior-smooth running, radio operator – with the last of his strength, loader-desperate.


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