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Silver farm on Strv S1

Silver farm on Strv S1

Do you constantly run out of loans? Do you not have enough silver for the purchase of updated equipment and shells? It can be earned through a tank battle, which can be influenced by many factors. For example, capturing bases, damage and, of course, equipment, which should be of a premium level.
On WOT Assist, you can order a silver farm from top and professional World of Tanks players. They know a lot about capturing bases and premium tanks. Premium tanks are present at almost all levels, but the most profitable are the tanks of the eighth level. Our players will help you to earn millions of silver so that you do not deny yourself anything!


Work on creating a promising tank for the Swedish Army was led by engineer Sven Berge. The first sketches of the unique car are dated 1956. By 1961, the appearance of the new tank was finally formed, a full-size wooden model was made, and a little later the first prototype appeared — Strv S1. The prototype tested the operation of the suspension, which allowed the machine to carry out vertical guidance of the gun, rigidly fixed in the body. The prototype Strv S2 appeared at the end of 1962. The experience gained during prototype testing served as the basis for mass production of the Strv 103 tank.





Level Tower Armor
(gr / sec)
VIII Strv S1 0/0/0 16 350 100 100
Compatible tools:

Level The tool Penetration
Rapid-fire mode.
(vystr / min)
(m/100 m)
BK Weight
X 10,5 cm kan strv 103 L/51 288/330/53 390/390/480 5.88 0.4 3 50 1350 290000



Level Engine Power
Probability of fire
IX Motoraggregat 1S 540 10 700 70000


Running gear

Level Running gear Max. load
Turning speed
(gr / sec)
Rmin Weight
VIII Strv S1 35 26 0 6500 30000


Radio stations

Level Radio Station Communication range
X Ra 421 850 27 57200

Strv S1 in the game

Research and leveling up

The machine is premium and does not require pumping additional modules.

Combat effectiveness

Strv S1 is a premium level eight vehicle with a unique gameplay, it has excellent camouflage, good visibility, high armor penetration, it is a real tank sniper on the battlefield. It is absolutely vulnerable in the vicinity, because it is very easy to spin it if it is in siege mode, and if it leaves this mode, it will not be able to conduct effective resistance, so closed-type maps are a sure doom, its element is the steppe. Using the advantages of ambush tactics, it can effectively remove strength points from opponents, and it has absolutely everything for this, “Penetration, Review, Disguise”.

  • excellent disguise;
  • high armor penetration;
  • good mobility;
  • high reverse speed;
  • in the siege mode of pipes and masks. The grid is not reset when the case is rotated;
  • presence of a bulwark;
  • a good angle of inclination of the VLD, about which small-caliber projectiles will ricochet.
  • weak booking;
  • poor visibility.


  • Battle brotherhood will improve the characteristics of the tank.
  • A sixth sense will help you determine whether a tank is detected or not.
  • Disguise will make the car more invisible.
  • Virtuoso will slightly improve maneuverability.
  • Combination Eagle Eye + Radio interception will give you a 5% increase in visibility.
  • A sniper will increase the chance of damaging enemy modules.
  • Repairs will speed up the repair of broken tracks, as guidance is carried out by the hull.

  • Stereo tube-increases the viewing range of a stationary tank.
  • Rammer-reduces the reload time of the weapon.
  • Camouflage net-reduces the visibility of a stationary tank.

Standard equipment set — repair kitfirst aid kit and fire extinguisher. It makes sense when installing improved ventilation, replace the fire extinguisher withCoffee with pastries.

Ammunition supply

The main part of the ammunition consists of sub-caliber shells, it makes sense to carry several improved sub-caliber shells to meet armored opponents. High-explosive fragments should be loaded for lightly armored opponents, knocking down capture or finishing off opponents with a small margin of safety.


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