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Silver farm on T-34-85 Rudy

Silver farm on T-34-85 Rudy

Do you constantly run out of loans? Do you not have enough silver for the purchase of updated equipment and shells? It can be earned through a tank battle, which can be influenced by many factors. For example, capturing bases, damage and, of course, equipment, which should be of a premium level.
On WOT Assist, you can order a silver farm from top and professional World of Tanks players. They know a lot about capturing bases and premium tanks. Premium tanks are present at almost all levels, but the most profitable are the tanks of the eighth level. Our players will help you to earn millions of silver so that you do not deny yourself anything!


The tank took part in the filming of the film “Four Tankmen and a Dog”. According to the plot of the film, this is a T-34-85 tank with the tail number 102 of the 1st Tank Brigade of the Polish Army named after the Heroes of Westerplatte. In reality, this is a Polish-made T-34-85 tank, which had some differences from the Soviet tank of the late war period. In 1951, the license for the production of T-34-85 was acquired by the Polish Bumar Labedy plant, located in Gliwice, Poland.





Level Tower Armor
(gr / sec)
VI T-34-85 90/75/52 46 365 7000 12000
Compatible tools:

Level The tool Penetration
Rapid-fire mode.
(vystr / min)
(m/100 m)
BK Weight
VI 85 mm ZiS-S-53 144/194/44 180/180/300 10 0.37 2.2 56 1550 62000



Level Engine Power
Probability of fire
VI V-2-34 500 15 750 27860


Running gear

Level Running gear Max. load
Turning speed
(gr / sec)
Rmin Weight
VI T-34-85-60 35.3 42 B/2 7800 12000


Radio stations

Level Radio Station Communication range
VIII 9RM 525 30 24240

T-34-85 Rudy in the game

Research and leveling up

This machine is a promotional premium technique and does not require pumping additional modules, it has an “Elite” status, brings more credits and experience for each battle, and also has a number of other advantages.


For the tank, the functionality works — a change of nationality between the Soviet equipment and the Polish equipment. You can switch between them without restrictions. Combat experience is common to both of them, and so are their stats. The results of the T-34-85 Rudy, if you purchased it before the introduction of multinationality, will move to the Polish version, because in fact it is one tank.

Combat effectiveness

A good medium tank with decent indicators of dynamics, mobility, rate of fire and accuracy, when learning skills, allows you to use various tactics on the battlefield: from defensive at the beginning to a dash to the rear of the enemy for the final defeat of the enemy. A platoon of medium tanks with the support of allies can make a huge difference on the battlefield and lead the team to victory. Crew compatibility with Soviet Level 10 medium tanks. An excellent indicator of profitability on loans and experience for the crew.

  • good dynamics combined with good cross-country ability on the ground;
  • good overview at the level of;
  • rational angle of inclination of frontal armor;
  • good rate of fire;
  • large ammunition load;
  • the best weapon on the level, equal to the seventh-level ST;
  • dog Ball as an additional crew member.
  • weak booking and the associated increase in the likelihood of damage to internal modules and crew;
  • mediocre communication range.


Learned skills on the “smoothness” of the gunner and driver-mechanic with the provided Combat Brotherhood and installed Improved ventilation allow you to abandon the reinforced drives in favor of increasing the view. Installed enlightened optics will allow you to conduct active actions, detect a hidden enemy and transmit coordinates to your allies, receiving an additional bonus to experience. Disguising with applied camouflage will make our detection more difficult, and repairs will allow us to repair damaged modules and equipment faster.

– Rammer, Improved ventilation, Enlightened optics with the provided Battle Brotherhood will improve the tank’s combat performance. Sub-caliber (PS) projectiles will allow you to consistently deal damage to vehicles at levels higher, and High-explosive (OP) projectiles perfectly knock down the Capture of the base, “put on the gusli”, finish off high-level tanks with a small margin of safety, and cause great damage to modules and tanks with weak armor.

– A large first-aid kit will give 15% to the crew’s protection from critical damage (the bonus is valid for the entire battle, regardless of whether the consumable was used or not) – good protection against high-explosive fragmentation (OF) projectile from self-propelled guns.

– Large repair kit: repair all damaged modules. +10% to the speed of repairing modules (the bonus is valid for the entire battle, regardless of whether the consumable was used or not). If you often get a track knocked down, then carry a small repair kit for emergency repairs to the chassis and a large repair kit to repair damage.


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