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Donat. Assistance to the project.

Dear players, you can help the project, and the project will help you. Assistance to the project is considered as charity and can not be returned.
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3 NOTES The project to create a new vehicle for the Swedish armed forces started in 1949. For reasons of secrecy, the tank received the unusual name KRV, which stands for…

WORLD OF TANKS BARRELS Further development of UDES 14. The project combines the best elements from UDES 15 (developed by Bofors) and UDES 16 (developed by Hägglunds). The project became the…

TAGS IN WOT The project of a heavy tank, developed by a cadet of the Military Technical Academy in Warsaw, Richard Lewandowski in 1956. The project envisaged the creation of…

WOT BARRELS The Type 5, also known as the Type 2605, is one of the variants of the OI super-heavy tank developed during the Second World War. The main tasks of…

DISTINCTIVE MARKINGS ON THE BARRELS OF THE WOT In the early 60s, Mitsubishi began developing a new tank that met all the requirements for weapons and protection. The first two STB-1…

HOW TO TAKE 3 MARKINGS ON THE BARREL The basis for the creation of the WZ-113G FT tank destroyer project was the 113 tank project. The design of the latter…

HOW TO TAKE A MARK IN WORLD OF TANKS The prototype, dubbed Object 111, features reinforced frontal armor and a more powerful weapon. Blessed with the powers of the ancient tsilin,…

3 МАРКИРОВКА НА СТВОЛЕ Прототип тяжелого танка был разработан в начале 60-х годов. Проект 111 разрабатывался на основе конструкции советских танков ИС-2 и ИС-3 как аналог танка Т-10. Эта машина…

3 NOTES Development of the 113 model began in 1963 in connection with the need to create an alternative to the WZ-111. The project was based on used components and assemblies…

WORLD OF TANKS BARRELS A modernized version of the 121 Chinese medium tank, developed in the 60s. Compared to the prototype, the 121B was equipped with a more modern 105 mm…


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