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WOT Credits farming. Prices:

  • 1 million credits = 4 € (8th levels) from 4 million per day
  • 1 million credits = 5 € (7th levels) from 3 million per day
  • WOT Credits farming (high statistics):

    from 60% victories; from 3000 WIN8.
  • 1 million credits = 6 € (8th levels) from 4 million per day
  • 1 million credits = 7 € (7th levels) from 3 million per day
  • *Prices can differ from those established depending on the current exchange rates. Please contact with our operator to get more accurate information.

    Minimum order: 3 millions.

    Discount system:

  • Order from 10 to 20 million - discount 10%.
  • Order from 20 to 60 million - discount 15%.
  • Order from 60 million - discount 20%.
  • Discounts from 15% and higher are applied to accounts with the availability of additional reserves for farming "50% to the farm" and this must be enough for the entire farm, whether it is 40kk or 100kk.

    WoT credits farming calculator

    Calculation of the credits farming is carried out taking into account the existing discounts for large orders.


    Shooting stars х2 х3 х5! 1 star - 0.7 €!

    Requirements for credits farming:

  • Premium account activated.
  • Premium vehicles avalable.
  • Necessary equipment avalable or 100 gold for its replacement.
  • In some cases the tank crew will be retrained.
  • If you have any question, please contact with us.

    About the service: credits farming /silver grinding?

    World of Tanks credits is the game currency, known as silver. Players can buy tanks, equipment; order consumables; retrain of the crew – all that improves the playing qualities:

    • Purchase Premium;
    • Convert experience on a premium tank to free experience;
    • Train the crew to the level of the tank academy or the front-line air regiment or retrain it without losing experience;
    • Purchase Premium vehicles;
    • Purchase additional slots in hangar;
    • Expand the barracks;
    • Dismantle complex equipment for its use on other vehicles;
    • Change crew documents;
    • Apply camouflage, emblems and inscriptions to the vehicles;
    • Create a clan;
    • Change your game name.

    Credits farm / silver grinding in World of Tanks.

    Credits are constantly being spent and they are constantly in short supply for the purchase  equipment, ammunition, upgraded  tanks.

    Credits farming or credits grinding – is the way to earn credits by participating in battles. The amount of credits earned during a battle depends on many factors: damage, spotting enemies, base capture, enemy level. But the main thing is the tank. Tier 8 premium tanks are the best credit earners, and the more expensive the premium tank, the more credit it earns.

    Optimal tanks for credits farming / silver grinding:

    Premium tanks for credist grinding are presented practically at all tiers, but the tier 8 premium tanks are most profitable.
    HT -Defender, Lowe, FCM 50t, M6A2E1, Chrysler K GF, AMX M4 mle.49.
    MT – Panzer 58 Mutz, Т26Е5, Т25 Pilot Number 1,Lorraine 40t, M4A1 Revalorise, AMX Chasseur de chars, Primo Victoria.
    SPG – Rheinmetall Skorpion G,WZ-120-1G FT.
    LT – lekpz M41 90 mm GF.

    Our World of Tanks accounts leveling and boosting Service WOT Assisst carries out credits grinding in shortest time.

    Our professional players team will help your to earn millioms of credits!

    We offer:

    Best prices for credits grinding;
    Best Large Order Discounts.

     Additional bonuses for credits farm order:

    Improving your WoT statistics from 55% to 80%;
    From 1500 to 3000 WIN8;
    Maximum experience on the tank and account;
    Free extra credits;
    Crew training;
    Extra achievements and medals;
    We often get Marks of excellence on the odered tank gun;
    Medal “Ace Tanker” at 90% cases.


    The service “credits drinding” is executed by a professional experienced team of players with best statistics among  World of Tanks players. Learn More our guarantees. instantaneous processing of orders, the shortest possible time, guarantee of result and money-back guarantee, Our Service has been working for more than 3 years, good clients feedback, best prices.

    How to place an order?

    You leave a request on the site;
    We’ll contact you to specify the details of the order (equipment / number of battles);
    You pay the order in a way convenient for you;
    You get the long-awaited result 🙂

    Are you looking for cheapest and quickest way to earn WOT or world of tanks credit farming credits farming? You can get one million credits from four million per day. Prices of WOT Credit farming can vary from those established depending on the current exchange rates. You can also avail discounts from fifteen percent and higher with accessibility of additional reserves of farming.  So, what are you waiting for? Click to buy your WOT credit farming now.


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