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Update 1.1: WOT Personal Missions: The Second Front

The new campaign will be made of a total of three operations, each for a specific tank: Excalibur, Chimera and Object 279(e). Just as the previous Campaign, players will have to complete an operation to be able to move the next one, by either completing all missions within the Operation or by a mix of mission completion and use of Orders. Each operation will include four sets of missions and have no vehicle restrictions, each set can be completed with vehicles that belong to one of the nations for each Allegiance.

The Second Front will be available to all players. For those who haven't completed the 1st campaign, both sets of Personal Missions can be run in tandem.


Shooting stars х2 х3 х5! 1 star - 0.7 €!

Requirements for World of Tanks Personal Missions completion:

  • Premium account activated.
  • Suitable tanks in the hangar.
  • Silver and gold reserves available for necessary equipment installation. (You can order additional credits too if needed or wanted, just ask!).
  • Trained crew.
  • If your account do not match the requirements – we can still reach an agreement!

    If you have any question, please contact us.

    ABOUT THE SERVICE: WoT Personal missions 2.0

    There will be four Allegiances:

    • Union: U.S.S.R. and China
    • Bloc: Germany and Japan
    • Alliance: U.S.A., U.K. and Poland
    • Coalition: France, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, and Italy

    The new campaign will become available right away, irrespective of the progress of the first campaign and missions for both campaigns can be completed at the same time in the same battle.

    Each set of missions will include the usual 15 missions, where 14 are available to be selected and completed as you like and Mission 15 will become available once all previous missions are complete. The main difference will be the set of conditions:

    • Operation Excalibur: Accumulative missions. A mission should be completed within an unlimited number of battles, e.g. cause 10,000 damage within an unlimited number of battles.
    • Operation Chimera: A mission can be completed in a single battle, very similarly to the first campaign.
    • Operation Object 279 (e): A mission should be completed within a limited number of battles. If a player fails to complete a mission, its progress will be reset, and the player will have to start anew. This operation will not be available during the test.

    Each mission completed will be rewarded with credits, consumables, etc. as in the previous campaign and once an Operation is completed, the reward vehicle will be credited to players garages.

    A new GUI will enable players to check mission progress during the battle, a nice welcome change that will allow a player to keep track of what needs to be done. Unfortunately, this new feature will only be available for the new campaign with Update 1.1, but there are plans to include the first campaign too. Other changes include:

    • Detailed descriptions of the accepted missions available in battle upon pressing Tab or N.
    • Indicator of Personal Missions in the Garage shows missions of each campaign separately.
    • Operations of the Second Front campaign will become available successively after a certain time period. Players who complete an operation before the next one becomes available will be rewarded with a corresponding unique emblem.
    • The main screen is completely reworked to display missions of both campaigns at the same time.
    • Improved the mission profile.
    • All elements were made consistent considering specifics of both campaigns.
    • New reward screens for completed Personal Missions.
    • Reworked the display of missions in battle (upon pressing Tab)

    The complexity of wot  personal missions 2.0

    The complexity of  wot new personal missions 2018 varies with vehicles. In each campaign, after passing the first 8-10 missions, you will have to show all your combat and driving vehicle skills. Sometimes the fulfillment of a mission borders on a miracle.


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