Frontline 2020
Steel hunter

The Polar Challenge

Place an Order Now The Polar Challenge: Hunt Down the Soviet Battle Star! Winter is coming, but if you’re looking … Read more

Steel hunter: Stage 3

It’s every Commander for himself! Will you and your vehicle survive this all-out brawl? We’re commencing Stage 3 of Steel … Read more

World of Tanks T28 HTC

world of tanks t28 htc

The development of this heavy breakthrough tank began in September 1943. It was planned to utilize certain components of the … Read more

World of Tanks Excalibur

world of tanks excalibur

A project for an airborne amphibious tank destroyer. A full-size prototype was manufactured, but further development was discontinued. Nation Tier … Read more

World of Tanks Chimera

world of tanks chimera

A project for a heavy British tank, designed to counter the Soviet IS-3. Despite non-standard solutions and the application of … Read more


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